Blood Tides

And here’s Blood Tides, the second album from the Mind Control Squids.  Download includes 13 tracks, with artwork and lyrics.  2015.



Farewell to a Friend

It is with deepest regret and sadness that the Mind Control Squids say goodbye to an old, dear friend. Nick Yutko, owner and operator of Dreamscape Comics in Bethlehem, PA, passed away Sunday at the age of 51 due to unexpected heart complications.

Nick will always be remembered, by both the members of this band and the Lehigh Valley, as not only the owner of the comic book store where we spent many years and dollars ranging from childhood to present day, but as a strong supporter of local businesses, music, art, and the preservation of the community as a whole. When he wasn’t behind the counter of the store, continually pushing the latest issue of ‘Dutchy Digest’ on us, he could be found out and about dining at various family-owned restaurants, enjoying films in classic theaters, taking in art at a gallery opening, and supporting the local music scene at an array of  Lehigh Valley venues. In many of our most memorable shows, we’re proud to be able to look back on those moments and recount Nick present in the crowd, smiling, moving his head to the beat, and standing behind our work every step of the way.

With every page we turn, with every chord we strum, those of us in the Mind Control Squids will forever remember Nick and cherish every moment we were fortunate enough to share with him. Though he passed away due to heart complications, we can only assume it was because he used every last ounce of its power to exemplify the passion and dedication he had to his family, friends, his life-love, Jeanie, and to a community he admired almost as it did he.

Friday 7/27 @ Strange Brew with AKA Wingnut!

Whatup Squidfriends?!  LISTEN – this Friday 7/27 @ Strange Brew Tavern in Allentown we’ll be sneaking in a set with AKA Wingnut.  Come play with us!  Well, I mean.. keep your hands to yourself, but come dance!

(seriously, please touch us)

Strange Brew Tavern Tonight!

Hey Squidfriends!  Do not miss our rise from the depths tonight at Strange Brew Tavern, 1996 S. 5th St in Allentown PA.  Party starts around 9ish with the famously infamous Blue Jean!

Pick up your free copy of Process of Elimination, our brand new long lost EP being released today both at the show and for download here a little later on today.

You must be outta yo’ mind!

They’re baaaaaaccckkkk

In case you haven’t heard, The Mind Control Squids have decided to ink up, strap on their tentacles and play a show on Saturday June 9th 2012 at Strange Brew Tavern (1996 S. 5th St. Allentown PA, 18103), which can only mean one thing: the Mayans were right, it’s the end of the mother-fuckin’ world!

Download Serve It Up!

Download Serve It Up! with all the album work!  For nuthin’.  Yep, just take it.  Go on!  Take it!  And get outta here!


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Dear Squid Army, Sirens, fans and friends,

After 2 years, 7 months and 6 tentacles, The Mind Control Squids have decided to call it a day. To all of those who’ve supported us, helped us, nurtured us and grooved with us, we can not thank you enough. When the Squids first emerged, none of us could have ever expected that we’d accomplish as much as we did and we owe it all to you, our loyal friends and fans. We love you all.

September 30 will be our final show. It will be at the Tally Ho Tavern in Bethlehem, and our good friends Serious Delirious will be joining us. It’s guaranteed to be a high-energy performance. We’ve never pulled any punches in the past, and we don’t intend to start now.

The Tally Ho is located at 205 4th Street in Southside Bethlehem. The show starts around 10/10:30 and there is no cover charge.

Also, we will begin “The Great Mind Control Squids Merchandise Liquidation Sale.” We’ve got lots of t-shirts and our CD, “Serve it Up,” for cheap cheap cheap.

And be on the lookout in the near future for the release of our final recordings, featuring previously unrecorded and never before heard material.

Thank you all again for over 2 and a half years of head-moving, hip-grooving, tentacle-twisting fun. Without you, we’d be but lost, lonely squids in a large, empty sea. May the music always move you and your passion never die.

Love always,
The Mind Control Squids

We ain’t dead, we promise.

Just a reminder that we are still alive and kicking.  It’s been roughly 6 months since our last show.  We started recording recently (take note of the new default pic).  It’s going extrememly well so far.  Everything sounds badass and it’s been relatively quick and easy.  I think it’s safe to say keep your eyes open for a release by the end of the summer.  I do believe we’re also going to start thinking about getting back into playing shows really soon.  As promised when we disapeared, when we come back it’ll be in full force with some seriously awesome new tunes.  Looking forward to it.  Hopefully you are too.  We’ll keep you posted.

Hugs, kisses, and tentacles,


The Mind Control Squids.


Hey everybody!

First and foremost, I very much look forward to seeing all of you at the Funhouse this evening.  I am seriously stoked about it.  I f’n love playing the Funhouse.  A: it’s a cheap ass cover, B: We can pretty much do whatever we want, and C: It just proves to be an all around awesome time.  Plus we’ve got Serious Delirious playing with us again tonight which is always a ridiculously good time.  God, I love them, so awesome.  So, there is really no good reason not to go.  Sure, you could say, “But it’s Thursdaaaaayy.”  You could say that if you’re a whiny bitch.  Suck it up, chump!  So you’re a little tired on Friday, big deal!  20 years from now you’re going to remember what an extremely awesome experience you had at the show and NOT how tired you were on Friday.  If you don’t go, it’ll haunt you forever.  It’s true.

Second order of business!  Go grab yourself a copy of Pulse Weekly.  You can pretty much find it anywhere: grocery stores, gas stations, certain comic book retailers on 2nd and West Broad, hell even hot dog stands have it.  Best part is, it’s FREE.  Okay, that’s the second best part.  The BEST part is, we’re in there!  Unbeknownst to us, Pulse Weekly put a picture and little blurb about us in its pages.  How cool is that? *even though they forgot the “s” at the end of “The Mind Control Squid(s)*  So go getcherself one start flipping through starting at the back.  When you giant picture of an ass (totally serious here) you’ve only got one more page to turn.

Third order of biznass:  For those of you who didn’t know, we’re totally playing with Murphy’s Law in July.  On Friday the 13th no less.  It’s at the Sterling (so there will probably be a crap load of bands, but I have a feeling it’ll be a crap load of kick ass bands this time)  We just got tickets so grab ‘em while you can.  I think they’re $10, but I’m not sure, double check with one of us WHEN YOU COME TO THE SHOW TONIGHT!!!

MC Squids (if you’re nasty)